35 million copies sold worldwide!

CAMILLA LÄCKBERG (b. 1974) IS the reigning queen of Swedish Noir. Her authorship has become a world-wide phenomenon, reaching more than 60 countries. She has written eleven books in her Fjällbacka Series, three books in the Faye’s Revenge Series, three books with mentalist Henrik Fexeus, and eleven children’s books about the loveable superhero Super-Charlie.

BEFORE SHE BECAME one of Sweden’s most popular authors, Läckberg worked as a marketing director and product manager for several years. Her first two crime novels, The Ice Princess and The Preacher, received rave reviews from the Swedish press and quickly found a large readership. But her big breakthrough came when The Stonecutter was nominated for Crime Novel of the Year in 2005. Her following two books The Stranger and The Hidden Child were both made lead titles in Bonnier’s Book Club and have since gained even more popularity after being adapted into a TV-series and a movie.

THE TENTH BOOK in her Fjällbacka series, The Girl in the Woods, and the first book in the Faye’s Revenge Series, The Golden Cage, both sold over 300 000 copies, earning Läckberg two Diamond Book Awards from her Swedish publisher.

TOGETHER WITH AUTHOR and mentalist Henrik Fexeus she has written the thrilling Vincent and Mina Series including Box, Cult, and Mirage, the latter published in August 2023. The Cuckoo, the eleventh part in Camilla’s beloved Fjällbacka series, was published in September 2022. Dreams of Bronze, the final instalment of the Faye’s Revenge Series, was published in May 2024.

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