Viveca Sten interprets ” To read is to travel” on this seasons gift wrapping paper and bags at Akademibokhandeln.

Viveca has with her words interpret “To read is to travel” on Akademibokhandelns gift-wrapping paper and bags which you can now find across Sweden.
With the archipelago as her focus point she has been able to make the words give you a feeling of being near the ocean, the beach, the cliffs, the sailboats and all the little islands.

“When I was asked to do the text to Akademibokhandelns iconic gift-wrapping paper it was too irresistible to say no to.
I have loved the archipelago and it’s uniqueness ever since I was a child and I am so happy about this opportunity to invite thousands of book readers to my beloved archipelago and share some of my best book memories  – in gift form.
To read is to travel – welcome to the archipelago! says Viveca Sten”

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