For a suggestive and intense novel, where the darkness that seeps into family relationships weaves worry and love together as one.
– SvD’s literature prize motivation

Sara Gordan‘s The Night was published in March 2022 and has since become loved by readers and critics alike, earning the literature prize from SvD and announced just last week, nominated for Sweden’s Radio Literature prize.

The Night is a complicated love story between mother and daughter, a brushy road between Stockholm and Paris, and finally a reunion on the beaches of Barcelona.

A daughter is missing, a mother is searching. Walking the same streets up and down, back and forth, dialing numbers, digging deep in her mind for names of friends that might know something, anything. A night that doesn’t seem to end, a dawn that never comes. What happens when the child becomes a teenager and no longer accepts the mother’s care? What is a parent without the parenting?

Life with an illness: when the cutesy “sugar disease” turns into “diabetes” – and a chronic devil weights on one’s shoulder. A caretaker that becomes the enemy, a gate keeper trying to protect but in the eyes of the teenager takes the shape of a prison guard.

The novel is now available in paperback as well!