Many readers have longed for The Great Exhibition by Marie Hermanson and now it’s finally here!

The Great Exhibition is a historical novel that mixes fact and fiction in the most skilfull and delicate way. As always it has that special Hermanson shimmer to it. The story takes place in Gothenburg in 1923, the year of the world’s fair, and the city takes on an almost magical, otherworldly feel. We get to follow the young journalist Ellen, the detective constable Nils, a donkey-keeper called Otto and Albert Einstein. Soon their paths will intersect in unexpected ways.

The Great Exhibition has already received some great praise:

“The Great Exhibition” is well worth reading, both as a charming page turner and a depiction of an interesting historical period.

It’s vivid, told in a quick and funny way, a pleasant history class… you’re invited on a merry-go-round ride to a spring in the 1920s with both a great belief in the future and romance. 

Marie Hermanson is always a driven narrator, and “The Great Exhibition” is no exception.

A historical suspense novel with an anchrage in reality, written by an author that fully masters the art of narration. Add some humoristic turns to it and this year’s first 10/10 is a fact! I’m overwhelmed! That Marie Hermanson is a skilled author I knew since before, but the question is if this isn’t her best?   

A powerful historical drama from Gothenburg and Berlin.
Philip Teir, DN

“The Great Exhibition” is a wonderful reading experience… Read it! Immediately!

“The Great Exhibition” is an ingenious composed novel that mixes fact and fiction… The descriptions of the surrounding are vivid, with a perfect amount of imagination inciting metaphors.

You can buy it here or here or in bookstores around Sweden.