The London Girl is the second book in a quartet written by Susanna Alakoski depicting four generations of working class women.

It is the 1950’s and Greta has left her mother Hilda in search for a better life.
It takes her to Stockholm and then eventually to London, working for the Conley family,
she socializes with the nannies from Switzerland, learns English and meets Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra.

Hilda has stayed back home in Vasa,
she is still a cotton angel in an industry that is increasingly threatened by automatization and competition from Sweden and other foreign countries.

Greata’s brother Jonnis is still at Algots in Borås and falls in love with Maija at the New in Sweden class.

With The London Girl Susanna Alakoski continues her suite of novels about women’s lives, their work and aspirations during the 20th century. This is a story about industry, love and friendship where everyday lives and world politics are threads in the same weave.