Natur & Kultur’s foundation has awarded Torbjörn Flygt, Tua Forsström, Jonas Gren, Per Gustavsson, Suzanne Ibrahim, Mara Lee, Andrea Lundgren, Steve Sem-Sandberg and Emi-Simone Zawall a scholarship of 100 000 SEK each for positive literary contributions.

Natur & Kultur’s extraordinary scholarship was awarded on behalf of Natur & Kultur’s jury with the following motivation:

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Steve-Sem Sandberg (1958) has a long and noteable authorship behind him. The Emperor of Lies won the August Prize in 2009. The novel received great acclaim internationally and has been translated into almost 30 languages. For his work The Chosen Ones, he [Sem-Sandberg] was the second Swede ever to be awarded with the prestigious Prix Médicis for best foreign fiction in France, 2016.