Louise Strömberg is a coach, a yoga teacher and an author. She works actively to help people start living sustainably and wholeheartedly – mainly through her Instagram, books, retreats, yoga classes and lectures.

Louise Strömberg

Where The Wildflowers Grow is her debut novel and is published by Bazar in Sweden. It’s the first novel in her Arkösund suite and here we get to follow Maya Björk who seems to have everything she could ever want but suddenly everything is taken from her.

The novel is about getting lost and then finding yourself, for the first time, in the most unexpected places. It is about what can happen when you are forced to let go of everything you thought you wanted and was expected to be, in order to understand what really matters in life.

And the book has placed it self as the second most listened to book this past week on BookBeat!

And the readers are raving about it on social media:

Where The Wildflowers Grow is a warm and life-affirming gem of a novel about daring to start over when life falls apart, the courage to choose new paths in life and follow your heart. And about the marvellous ways of love. [..] With the ability to emote and a tone that hits the right note, the author has created a bold and well-written novel with a big heart, unexpected encounters and keys to a strange hope for change and renewal.

– @carolinesbokhylla (instagram)

Where The Wildflowers Grow is a warm and strong novel that stirs up different thoughts.
It’s not all shimmering, there is depth, some darkness and also humour. I enjoyed Louise’s book very much and I am glad that this was the first part of a new series. I am happy to return to Arkösund and the characters there.

– @lollosbokhörna (instagram)