On March 8th and 9th the news broke that Nordin Agency have signed a debuting author duo,
Andrée & Appelqvist and Malin Karim to the agency.

Andrée & Appelqvist;
met and became friends when they moved in next door to one another in the newly
developed part of Stockholm called Haga Town.
A deep and abiding friendship was born as was the idea for their debut novel Helix.
It will be published by Harper Collins Nordic in fall 2021, the first in a suspense trilogy
staring journalist Adrian Lind and his best friend Valeria Rossi.
The series is a modern and fresh take on Agatha Christie’s best loved mysteries,
removed to the glitzy world of present-day Stockholm.

Malin Karim
Today Malin works as a freelance journalist, who regularly blogs for the magazine Mama
and runs the popular podcast KarimKvarten (The Karim Quarter) together with her husband, actor, Alexander Karim.
Together, the couple has written The World’s Bravest (2019) and The World’s Richest (2021),
two lovely children’s books filled with entertaining and heartwarming stories about solidarity and friendship.

Her first novel, I Am Woman Hear Me Roar, will be published by Bazar Förlag in spring 2022.
It’s a story about a woman who’s fed up with society’s expectations and decides to break all the rules.
A female Falling Down, poignant and witty, hilarious yet thought-provoking.