It was a day like any other day when author Josefin Schygge was teaching her usual ‘Swedish as a second language’-class. She knew she had a student living with a protected identity, hiding from her abusive husband. That day, he found her. Right there in the classroom, and once again she would have to live on the run. Probably for the rest of her life.

Josefin Schygge. Photo Jesper Anhede

The dramatic event stayed with Schygge and she started to write a suspense novel inspired by this; about men’s violence against women, and what a slow burning process it is. In January 2022, Forum/Bonnier will publish her adult debut Forever Yours (Allt för Dig) as their focus title. Schygge, a Swedish Lisa Jewell, skillfully balances between nerve-racking suspense and heart wrenching personal drama.

A thrilling page-turner about danger and revenge. Malin lives on the beautiful island of Visingsö with her husband and two sons. She runs a popular blog where she displays her perfect life – a bit too perfect according to some. When Elma, who has a protected identity, is in need of a temporary place to stay, she is allowed to stay in Malin’s guest house. But Elma’s presence makes Malin uncomfortable, the vulnerable woman reminds her of the horrors she herself had to endure in the past. In addition, mysterious things start happening around Malin and her family – it seems like someone is watching her. Is she imagining things or has the man who once threatened to ruin her life, the man she escaped from, returned?

Josefin Schygge is a teacher, editor and author. She was born in 1981 and Forever Yours is her adult debut, having previously published several novels for young people as well as easy-to-read books. Her vision is to continue writing books with a strong pathos of justice, stories we find in the lives around us, and those who leave the reader with a sense of strength, courage, hope and confidence.