It if finally here, the last installment in Läckberg and Fexeus’ pulse-pounding trilogy about the odd investigative duo Vincent and Mina.

Now the third and final book “Mirage” is here and it’s also an impressive construction of a crime novel. […] Camilla Läckberg and Henrik Fexéus go from clarity to clarity in their collaboration. […] In the end Camilla Läckberg and Henrik Fexéus write that they will miss Mina Dabiri and Vincent Waldner. I will miss them too.


It’s December in Stockholm and Sweden’s Minister of Justice is under threat. At the same time, a pile of human bones is found down in the Stockholm subway and the skeleton appears to be from a successful financier. Police detective Mina Dabiri’s unit is struggling after the traumatic event last summer that ended with the death of their colleague, and calls the mentalist Vincent Walder to help with the case. For Vincent it feels like the world is closing in on him. When another pile of bones is found underground the unit is put to a test once again – what is going on in the tunnels deep below Stockholm? And who is after the minister?

Läckberg and Fexeus’ powerful series reaches its explosion conclusions.