In August Louise Boije af Gennäs will publish Stjärnfall, a novel that takes place in the same universe as Stjärnor utan svindel, once again centering love. Is it always the romantic love that should have precedence in our lives? Stjärnfall will be published by Norstedts, who at the same time will publish a new edition of Stjärnor utan svindel with a new cover and foreword.

Is it always right to follow your heart – even when it means potentially destroying the lives of people you love? In Louise Boije af Gennäs new novel Stjärnfall, Julia and Gabriel live a close knit life with their friends Eva and André. Their children have grown up like siblings and they have dinners together, celebrate holidays and are the godparents of each other’s kids. Suddenly everything changes: Julia and André realize they have strong feelings for each other and are forced to ask themselves the question if they are willing to sacrifice everything for love. 

Julia seeks help from her older cousin Sophie, whom the readers got to know in Stjärnor utan svindel and who now lives a free and unconventional life. Is Julia prepared to do the same thing as Sophie, who twenty five years earlier defied all the norms and conventions to live a life of her own accord?  

– When you have children, unconditional love changes. The decisions you make no longer only involve the adults, but also children and young adults are affected. It has been thrilling to once again, with Stjärnfall, dive deep into earth shattering passion and investigate it, but from a more mature perspective and phase of life together with the main characters who have other commitments then the women in Stjärnor utan svindel had. Love, life choices and breakups are difficult questions, but they all touch our lives and are always worthy of shining a light on and to be discussed, says Louise Boije af Gennäs.

– There are novels which are part of their time. And then there are novels who shape their time. There are a few novels who can be called generational novels from the Swedish 90’s with the simple explanation that they changed the course of the literature that came after them. One of these is Louise Boije af Gennäs’ Stjärnor utan svindel – a novel who captured an era, challenged conventions and set hearts on fire.  Which makes the follow up Louise is writing a huge literary event. Stjärnfall is in a wonderful way a literary time travel  – twenty five years back in time and back to our present time  – and it shows what literature actually can bring about: a world of fiction that we all are a part of and where we can look into the questions that shapes our lives. That is huge, says Håkan Bravinger, Publishing Director at Norstedts. 

Stjärnfall och Stjärnor utan svindel will be published on the 11th of August and the review date is August 29th. 

Louise Boije af Gennäs debuted as an author in 1991 and has since published twelve novels, such as Ta vad man vill ha, Stjärnor utan svindel, Högre än alla himlar, Blå koral, Folk av en främmande stam and Motståndstrilogin. Besides her well praised authorship Louise is also a playwright. She created the TV-series Rederiet, and her plays Bestseller and Kvinna klädd i solen have been played on Dramaten and Stockholm’s City Theatre. Louise is also a singer and has performed on stages as Café Opera, Fotografiska, Josefina and Berns, including a benefit for Stockholm’s Stadsmission, and has an album on Spotify.