Swedish influencer Amanda Axelsson promoting Viveca and Camilla Sten’s Sjörök, the sequel to last years success Djupgraven.

It is March and a heavy, implacable fog rests over the sea. According to the elderly on the islands, the thickness, as the fog is called in the archipelago, is a pretext that horrible things soon will happen. But what’s the reason? Is it a natural phenomenon or a consequence of environmental degradation? Or is it something far more dangerous?

Tuva seems to be the only one who realizes that the fog is related to a being from the past. A creature that has been awakened from its sleep and is now raging on the people and preparing its revenge.

The only one who can try to stop the imminent disaster is Tuva. But how will she succeed when her mom does not want to admit Tuva’s true nature, when her dad only wants to drink beer and pity himself and Rasmus – her very best friend – suddenly deceives her?

Supernatural elements from the Nordic folk saga meet superstition from the archipelago in this unputdownable series.