All For Bodil is David Ärlemalm’s third book, published by Forum, and it completes his series about the darker side of Stockholm.

David Ärlemalm continues on the path from his previous books and delivers another engaging and touching story with broken characters that has a touch of criminal worries. A kind of social realistic suspense novel that feels refreshing in the pool of crime novels.


In All for Bodil the former addict and car-thief Arto is fighting hard to manage life as a single parent. He works evening shifts in the kitchen of the restaurant where he is a co-owner on paper but from which no one can get a salary so far. To make ends meet he takes extra shifts at a moving company run by an old acquaintance with a questionable past. His daughter, Bodil, is now 11. Arto’s schedule means that she is alone a lot, too much. During the summer holiday when she doesn’t have school to attend she starts roaming the streets on a skateboard, sometime late at night. It quickly escalates to risky situations and one of those nights she becomes the sole witness to a ruthless crime. It makes her life take a dangerous turn and marks the start of an enthralling story from a deserted summer-Stockholm.

David Ärlemalm’s writing is captivating, thrilling and moving, true to what critics has described as “Ärlemalm-noir”. It is about a father trying his best to create a life for him and his daughter but at the same time being far from a safe haven for the young girl. It is about people in the shadows, who we rarely get to read about