Journalist and author Carina Bergfeldt to publish her new book at Bokförlaget Forum in the spring of 2023.

– This is a story I have known that I must tell for the past seven years. After my first meeting with the prison pastor Jim, I did something that I have never done during my years as a journalist. I leaned against the steering wheel and cried. Over him, over me, over the emotions his story evoked. Now I hope that many more will be moved.

Carina Bergfeldt, born 1980, is a journalist and author. Today she works at Sweden’s national television SVT and hosts the talk show Carina Bergfeldt. Previously, she was the US correspondent at SVT as well as a reporter and columnist at Aftonbladet. She has been awarded the Swedish Grand Journalism Award, Best Writing Style and the Kristallen Award.

– We are so proud to welcome one of Sweden’s most interesting journalists to Forum. Carina has an incredibly sharp pen and an absolute attention to her audience, and this book which combines the great questions about death, forgiveness, grief and love with an unparalleled life story is a dream project, says Jennie Sjögren, publisher at Bokförlaget Forum.

Carina Bergfeldt has previously published the books Seven Days to Live, Polaroid and Patricide at other publishing houses. The new book will be published by Bokförlaget Forum in the spring of 2023.