Carina Bergfeldt contributes to important anthology

Journalist and crime author Carina Bergfeldt is proud to contribute her text on the Utøya massacre to Natur & Kultur’s anthology Rasismen i Sverige – Nyckeltexter 2010-2014 (Rasism in Sweden – Key Texts from 2010-2014). Editors Devrim Mavi and Lawen Mohtadi have collected the most important texts the have been written during the 2010th Century. Texts about the present, Sweden, Reva, Utøya, racial stereotypes, a nationalistic party making inroads in Swedish parliament, illegal registration of Romanies, and much much more. The book will be out in the middle of august with some new texts and the most important texts that started the debate. Don’t miss this vital collection, a must read for everybody.

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