Recently the first book after the Hammarby series was released in Sweden and the rights have been sold to five countries: Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Estonia and Latvia. Black Ice is a psychological thriller with a thrilling story and chocking twists.

A couple who’s cheating gets in the car to find a secluded meeting point. A lost, young woman gets unexpected lift from a stranger. A man speeds on the snow-covered roads. Everyone has driven past the same ravine. But only one has prayed someone off the road, only one has left someone to die.

From not knowing the other one existed they all get wrapped up in an escalating spiral of violence, and even though none of them knows the whole truth someone knows enough to tell the story.

Black Ice is an unpredictable psychological thriller, where nothing is what it seems. Guilt, hate and destruction is the fuel that keeps pushing this story forward and in the distance looms the sweet taste of revenge.

The readers are praising this thrilling novel:

Thrilling, fascinating and well-written!
Jennies Boklista

‘Black Ice’ is my first encounter with Carin Gerhardsen. But it’s definitely not the last. This is crazy good! […] It’s a very skillfully plotted story, nicely told and it’s thrilling to follow to the very last pages.
Hyllan (bokblogg)

The build-up is really clever and it’s extremely thrilling to read. To me this is a perfect page-turner.
Mias bokhörna

The book is very thrilling, completely unpredictable, and has twists and turns I never could have expected. It’s well-written, accessible, sometimes moving, and very hard to put away. […] I warmly recommend this book to everyone who likes psychological thrillers that are engagingly written. I’m hoping for more books in this genre from Carin Gerhardsen.
Bims blogg