Last week we celebrated the third book in the Max Anger-series by Martin Österdahl. In ‘Iron Angels’ we are brought back to the horrific day in September of 2001, the day the Twin Towers fell. With his skillfull writing Martin weaves together a story that will make you question what really happened while he takes you on thrilling journey across the world and to different events leading up to the attack.

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Martin himself lived in New York during the attack:

– During the writing the memories kept coming back. I don’t think I understand how much the events on September 11th has affected me, he says.
–  The smuggling of American PCB to Soviet had great consequences for the relationship between the US and Sweden, and the Americans put a huge pressure on the Swedish industry after that. I felt that it was possible to build on the CIA attendance in Sweden during the Cold War and up until the 9/11-attacks.

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