New spine chilling horror from Unni Lindell

Brudekisten is number one on the Norwegian bestseller list after one day on the market and has been chosen as book of the month in three major book clubs.

Unni Lindell’s convincing characters and her intimate themes have proved an unbeatable combination and have made her books about Cato Isaksen one of the bestselling crime series in Norway and around the world, and with Brudekisten she confirms her position as Queen of crime in Norway.

 12-year-old Maike Hagg, the daughter of a psychiatric patient, fell down the stairs and cracked her head on the stone floor in the basement of Gaustad Psychiatric Hospital

Twenty-five years later the statute of limitations for murder is coming up and Emmy Hammer and Aud Johnsen meet up to talk about what really happened.

But dusting off old memories can be dangerous. When the past meets the present, fear and hatred draw a cold-blooded killer out from the shadows.

Slowly the culture of Gaustad Hospital is revealed – something lurks in its past, obscured by other issues and in the catacombs of the abandoned building complex Unni Lindell conjures up a classic horror movie atmosphere.  In her unrivalled and characteristic style dark moods is mixed with everyday life and with surprises, twists and turn she captivates contemporary crime readers offering superb entertainment, but also a thought-provoking read.

Superbly executed, nearly ingenious
Professor Hans H. Skei, Professor in litteratur at Oslo Universitet

With The Angel is a Devil Unni Lindell has pretty much hit the bull’s eye.
Torbjørn Ekelund, Dagbladet

Lindell really knows the art of telling a suspenseful story.
Sindre Hovdenakk, VG

A Well composed and intriguing mystery that will appeal to many readers.
Torbjørn Ekelund, Dagbladet

Unni Lindell meets all the expectations in the crime genre and her clever narrative deceives the reader more than once. This is the great art of illusion.
Geir Rakvaag, Dagsavisen.