Johanne Hildebrandt’s “The Unbroken Line of the Moon” highly ranked on Amazon

AmazonCrossing has recently published Johanne Hildebrandt’s Valhalla-series for the first time – and The Unspoken Line of the Moon is an immediate hit on the American market! Within just a few weeks, Hildebrandt has reached the top of several of Amazon’s Most Popular Authors lists, as well as Amazon’s Best Sellers lists.

Amazon Most Popular Authors in Contemporary Fiction

Johanne Hildebrandt ranked 4th Most Popular Authors in Contemporary Fiction, right below J.K. Rowling and Paula Hawkins! Impressive! Also The Broken Line of the Moon ranked number one in several genres:

Amazon Best Sellers in Family Saga Fiction Amazon Best Sellers in Historical Fiction Amazon Best Sellers in Historical Norse & Icelandic Fiction


The readers reviews for The Unbroken Line of the Moon are just as praising as these rankings:

***** A woman to rule them all!

”This a gripping story. The characters are nicely fleshed out, and it effectively evokes a distant time. This is the best kind of armchair traveling. Can’t wait for the next one in what will hopefully be a series. History without the women erased. Wonderful!”

***** Worked for this Game of Thrones Lover

”This book is really Game of Thrones meets Mists of Avalon – but for literature lovers, it won’t spoil it for you if I tell you that the three witches from Macbeth also show up. […] In sum, I liked the book a lot. If you’re into fantasy in a historical context, this book works and I’d definitely read more by this author.”

***** Can’t wait for the sequel

“Awesome story line. Bring on the sequels. Could not put the book down.

Loved every minute. Ready to have more of this author translated to English.”

***** Woven Tapestry of Intrigue

“Hildebrandt lures you into a world of mythology and hooks you with the drama, twisting allegiances, deceit, and strong female protagonists.”

***** Gripping and intense

“The excitement never stops. I could hardly put it down. I love stories about strong women fight for their beliefs. This book is amazing. I can’t wait to read the next one. If book two is half as good as book 1 you have a fan for life.”

***** Captivating and exciting!

“Loved the female heroine and the magical elements. Historically interesting account of change of power between Norse tribes and Vikings.”

***** Fantastic read!!!

“If you love told stories of Vikings and the magic surrounding them, then you simply must read this book. I am hoping there will be a series of many more books telling this fascinating story.”

***** Loved, loved, loved

“Loved, loved, loved this book. Couldn’t put it down, neglected familial duties. I’m horrible and was briefly obsessed. This book is great. My genre is medieval England, so same time period and different country. Loved hearing about the pagan Gods and the struggles between Christianity and Pagan religions. The main female character is very strong – following her faith and belief in the Gods against all else that is presented in her life. This does read like an epic tale of heroism, but it has many clever plot devices (how she escapes death several times). I would never have guessed this was a translation – the writing is very good. Can’t wait until the next book.”

***** Couldn’t put this book down!

“A VERY talented storyteller is this author! I completely lost myself in this fascinating saga. That is no small thing for me, & rarely do I find books I enjoy this much!”

***** Spellbinding!! Can’t wait for the sequel!!!

“I enjoyed every minute! The characters and storyline kept me reading and rereading. I hated to reach the end! Please notify me when Book 2 is released.”

***** Great if you love historical fiction!

“This book is so well written and easy to get engrossed in. I forgot the book had been translated until I got to the end. I love the story line and the characters. I wish there was a sequel.”

***** Excellent!

“Great historical novel. Brutal and harsh at times, but accurately depicts a brutal and harsh time. Very realistic depiction of the struggles of the North men. Recommend it highly.”

***** A true page-turner

“Don’t miss this page-turner. It is fascinating story, well told, fast paced and beautifully translated. While a bit too gory for my taste, I could not put the book down. This is historical fantasy at its very best; I am eagerly waiting for the next book in this series.”

***** A wonderful piece of literature

“A beautiful tale woven around the life of a Nordic princess, married off to save her people. The rich mythology and intricate politics of the time lend a captivating background to this world of war, terror, and love.”

***** Make this a movie!!

“Well written action packed historical fiction. I couldn’t put it down.”