SWEDISH-GAMBIAN AUTHOR Amat Levin is a respected and prize winning journalist, public speaker and podcaster. He hosts Så vad händer nu podcast alongside American comedian Jonathan Rollins and runs the incredibly popular and influential Instagram account @svarthistoria. He made his literary debut in 2020 with Children of Chance, a book about the relationship between Sweden and Gambia. 

HIS SECOND BOOK, Black History Unveiled, was first published in 2022 and shortlisted for the prestigious August Prize. In 2023, Amat Levin began the English language edition of the Svarthistoria podcast and Instagram accounts, both are also called Black History Unveiled. He is the winner of Sweden’s Public Educator of the Year Award as well as the Anders Carlberg Memorial Prize and in 2023 was awarded a prize from Natur och Kultur in their popularising science category.