Sara Blædel won Author of the Year at Bogforum

Sara Blædel shortlisted for the 2019 Author of the Year Award in Denmark

We are proud and happy to announce that Sara Blædel has been shortlisted for the 2019 Author of the Year Award by the Danish book chain Plusbog. The winner will be announced 16th of November at Bogforum in Copenhagen.

Sara Blædel

Carina Bergfeldt nominated for the Grand Speaker Award 2019

We are happy to announce that Carina Bergfeldt has been nominated for the Grand Speaker Award 2019. She is nominated for her capacity to describe difficult things in an accessible way and for engaging the listener with reports, marked by high topicality and professionalism. Carina contributes in an extraordinary manner to spreading knowledge about our time and is a counterbalance to the contemporary phenomenon of fake news.

Carina Bergfeldt

The winner will be announced during a ceremony in November 2019. You can read more about the award and the nominees here.

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Ola Larsmo is awarded Literary Society The Nine’s grand prize

Founded back in 1913, The Nine is a literary society based in Stockholm and each year they give out a number of awards to prominent literary abilities in Sweden. Their most prestigious award, the Grand Prize, is given annually with the purpose “to promote Swedish fiction” and “to give recognition to deserved writers.” This year we are happy to congratulate Ola Larsmo on winning the Grand Prize for providing an authorship that is “carried by a passion for truth, forceful depictions and the pursuit of justice.”   

To read more about The Nine or the award click here