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  POJKARNA (THE BOYS) by Jessica Schiefaur has been praised in our neighbor country, Denmark! http://www.information.dk/514905 (in Danish) POJKARNA was nominated for the Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize in 2013. Praising for the book will be continuing even to the next year, when the film version of POJKARNA will come out in Sweden.


OPERATION – SELVMORDSBOMBE OPERATION – BLOOD DIAMOND by Benni Bødker was nominated for the Orla Prize again this year! The Orla Prize is a literary prize named after Orla Frøsnapper (Orla frog-eater)–the protagonist in Ole Lund Kirkegaard’s children’s book with the same name. It’s a prize for and by children–children nominate, vote and select the winner every year. […]

Steve Sem-Sandberg does it again!

Five years ago Steve Sem-Sandberg won the prestigious August Prize for his novel The Emperor of Lies. Although the author had long been one of the pillars of the Swedish literary scene this catapulted him into national and international fame. As The Emperor of Lies went on to be published in over to 25 territories Steve started writing […]

Unni and Jan-Erik nominated for Bookseller’s Award!

 Our Norwegian authors, Unni Lindell and Jan-Erik Fjell have been nominated for this year’s Booksellers’ Award!! http://www.bokhandlerforeningen.no/Markedsaktiviteter_og_bokpriser/Bokhandlerprisen/9341 Unni Lindell BURDEKISTEN (THE ANGEL IS A DEVIL) http://www.nordinagency.se/portfolio-item/brudekisten-the-angel-is-a-devil-by-unni-lindell/ Jan-Erik Fjell ROVDYRET (THE PREDATOR) http://www.nordinagency.se/portfolio-item/rovdyret-the-predator/ The winner will be announced on the 25th November. Congratulations, Unni and Jan-Erik!  

The queen of new Swedish romance

As far back as we can remember romance and love have had a strong presence in literature. With her lates novel Only One Night Simona Ahrnstedt shows us why romance is the largest literary genre in the Western world. What is romance? That is the most frequently asked question we get from friends, other authors and journalists. Simona Ahrnstedt usually compares the […]

Olle Lönnaeus has received a wonderful review

Swedish book critic Lotta Olsson (Dagens Nyheter) has read half of Olle Lönnaeus’ “Johnny Lilja’s Dilemma” and says that “the book is so good that it took my breath away!” http://blogg.dn.se/boktips/2014/09/29/2014-ars-basta-deckare/

Erika Vallin – an interview with SVT

Watch an interview with Erika Vallin, talking about “Eunomia”- the third book of The Secret of the Mirrors series. (Interview starts around 7:20) http://www.svt.se/barnkanalen/lilla-aktuellt/se-program/lilla-aktuellt-224

Camilla – Number One!

Camilla Läckberg‘s E-book edition of “The Hidden Child” (Tyskungen) is number ONE on Barnes & Nobles top-ten list today. Congratulations, Camilla!

Viveca Sten and Thomas Engström Number 1 on Swedish Top list!

Viveca Sten and Thomas Engström Number 1 on Swedish Top List! Svb Top list, June 2014 http://www.svb.se/topplistor/juni-2014 Hardcover 2. Viveca Sten “I maktens skugga” 5. Carin Gerhardsen ”Tjockare än vatten” 7. Ann Rosman ”Havskatten” Audio book 1. Thomas Engström ”Väster om friheten” 2. Viveca Sten ”I maktens skugga” 6. Carin Gerhardsen ”Tjockare än vatten” Pocket […]