The Times reviews Steve Sem-Sandberg’s THE CHOSEN ONES

Another fantastic review for Steve Sem-Sandberg‘s The Chosen Ones. Last Saturday, The UK Times’ Fiona Wilson talked warmly about the book, saying that:

The Chosen Ones is meticulously researched and laden with history but such is Sem-Sandberg’s skill that it does not feel this way: he jumps between his characters and weaves the historical details into their conversations, thoughts and actions. It’s an education but do not approach this book lightly. This is historical fiction at its most raw and disturbing.”

Congratulations to the author for another well-deserved praise.


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ALL IN on Spanish bestseller chart!

All In, the first sizzling novel in Simona Ahrnstedt‘s contemporary series has soared up to the number one spot on Spanish bestseller charts. The book was released by Editora Plaza & Janés last Thursday.


Nordin Agency authors are dominating the German bestseller charts!

We are thrilled to announce that two of our Swedish bestsellers Viveca Sten and Simona Ahrnstedt are currently on German Börsenblatt’s bestseller chart. Although they write in very different genres these two talented women have captured the readers’ hearts with their amazing characters and chilling dramas.

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A powerful, harrowing testament to the nameless victims of evil.

Between 1941 & 1945 the Am Spieglgrund clinic in Vienna, ostensibly a children’s home for the wayward and chronically ill, was actually a Nazi killing ground, advancing ideals of so-called racial purity through a brutal euthanasia programme. Prodigiously researched and told from the perspectives of a ten-year-old inmate and a nurse, this is a difficult, necessary read that lays bare the horrors of these unspeakable crimes, and charts subsequent attempts to bring to justice som, though not at all, of the perpetrators. A powerful, harrowing testament to the nameless victims of evil.

Simon Humphreys, Daily Mail


GIRLS LOST is a smash hit at the film festivals

Girls Lost, the film based on Jessica Schiefauer‘s amazing novel The Boys, is a huge festival and awards success. The movie had its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, with other festivals including Rome FF, Chicago FF, Gothenburg FF, Rotterdam FF, Budapest FF, Antalya FF, Newfest/New York and more. The film was also recently nominated for the European Film Academy Young Audience Award.

see the trailer here:


Spectacular review in The Guardian for Steve Sem-Sandberg’s THE CHOSEN ONES

Strong and beautiful words from Sebastian Barry in The Guardian today as he reviews Nordin Agency’s Prize winning author Steve Sem-Sandberg‘s latest novel The Chosen Ones. 

Barry writes that:

You don’t so much read Sem-Sandberg as stand in the fiery wind of his prose. He makes his reader strangely complicit in his terrible subjects. He does not offer that tattered lifebelt of “redemption” so often thrown to the modern reader, nor much space to rest your reading eyes; but his books are only merciless because the great swaths of human enterprise they chart are themselves merciless.

He finishes his review by saying:

Some novels are described as dark, in order to alert the reader. But this novel, translated into English by Anna Paterson, is as bright as a cloudless June sky under which, behind walls and doors, we go about our inexplicable human business.

and truer words have near been written.

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Camilla Sten

A stunning political suspense debut by Camilla Sten!

Last night saw the much-anticipated release of Camilla Sten’s debut novel A New Dawn, a dystopian novel of a world not far from our own. Though young, Camilla has always been writing and it was no surprise to the people closest to her when she finally presented the world with a manuscript to her first novel. The book was promptly acquired by Ordfront förlag in Sweden for its suspenseful and stylish retelling of a Stockholm where people are judged not on their character but on their origin.

A New Dawn stars Isa who knows how to behave. She knows that you keep your head down and your mouth shut. And you NEVER draw attention to yourself. It might have been otherwise, once, but that doesn’t matter anymore. Isa is class B, and she is well aware of the rules.

At night, though, things are different. At night Isa and her friends wage a covert revolution. By hacking party blogs and spreading fliers with illegal anti-government propaganda they try to make their voices heard. Things suddenly come to an unexpected head when an anonymous blogger claims to have information that could overthrow the government. With the police hot on their heals Isa and her friends will have to decide, once and for all, how much they are willing to sacrifice for freedom.

Although Camilla likes to say that her novel accidentally ended up being about politics that is not quite true. A self-proclaimed feminist from a very young age politics and debate has always come easily to our author who also writes insightful articles on the current political climate for several different newspapers including Expressen and Aftonbladet.

We expect to see many great things from this talented writer.

Amazing review for Camilla Sten’s A NEW DAWN

Check out this wonderful review for Camilla Sten‘s debut novel A New Dawn. The book is raised to the skies in Go’ kväll on Swedish Television and reviewer Francesca Quartery mentions forcefully that it absolutely has to be dramatized. We couldn’t agree more, of course.

Simona Ahrnstedt and her ALL IN gets starred review in Publishers Weekly

We are thrilled to spread the news that Simona Ahrnstedt and her amazing contemporary romance novel All In gets a starred review in Publishers Weekly today. According to PW “Ahrnstedt neatly balances lusty romance and the tensions of corporate scheming at the highest level. Fans of strong women and powerful men will gladly buy stock in this story.”

So don’t be shy and pick up your copy of ALL IN on June 28th which is to be published by Kensington Books in the US and Piatkus Fiction in the UK.

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Simona Ahrnstedt on High-Demand Hot List

When Booklist Online published there High-Demand Hot List we were thrilled to see that All In by Nordin Agency’s very own romance author Simona Ahrnstedt was featured alongside literary giants like Jonathan Safran Foer.


 All In. By Simona Ahrnstedt. Kensington, $25      (9781496706195). July.

Best-selling Swedish novelist Ahrnstedt makes her  American debut with this clever, suspenseful, and sexy  tale of love, family secrets, and corporate intrigue.  Touted as the first foreign-language romance novel to be  translated and published in the U.S., this title is poised  to do for Swedish romance what Stieg Larsson’s series  did for mysteries.