FIRE HUNTERS straight to number ONE

ELDJÄGARNA (FIRE HUNTERS) 9th book in Malin Fors series by Mons Kallentoft went straight to number ONE on a top list at adlibris on a same day as the book came out!

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We are glad to announce that THE EYES OF THE LAKE by Jessica Schiefauer has been nominated for this year’s August Prize. Congratulations!

Juries’ motivation is as follows: One year. The year when Ester and Isak meet. The year when Isak’s brother, Anton, is lured into a world of hate, swastikas and violence. The year when a boy is murdered. Jessica Schiefauer’s novel explains how easy it is to be influenced, the desire to belong. But it is just as much a story about love, a love so immersive that it becomes destructive. The prose is poetic, condensed and flows like the water that becomes a spectator to the tragedy unfolding. It is a carefully polished prose – to document this horrific chain of events.




Nar hundarna kommer Små

Thomas Rydahl award-winning author of Eremitten joins Nordin Agency

In these amazing, activity filled days before Frankfurt Nordin Agency are proud to announce a new collaboration with Thomas Rydahl. We are all happy to welcome the 2015 Glass Key recipient and his novel Eremitten (The Hermit) to the agency.

Thomas Rydahl was published by Forlaget Bindslev in 2014 and went on to sell over 20 000 copies in Denmark. The author was then awarded with Danish Bogforum’s Prize for the best debut novel in 2014 and is the subsequent winner of the Harald Mogensen Award for the best Danish Crime/Thriller of 2015. His novel has been sold to 10 territories already including US and UK.

The Hermit is the first novel in a planned trilogy featuring the uniquely lovable Erhard. It has won critics hearts all around the world and the next book is set to be published in Denmark in 2016.


LONE THEILS nominated for Bogforum’s Debutant Prize

It is our pleasure to announce that FATAL CROSSING by Lone Theils has been nominated for the Bogforum’s Debutant Prize. The Prize will be awarded during the Danish Book Fair, which will be held between 6th and 8th next month in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Congratulations, Lone!

Lone Fatal crossing