Björn Larsson subject for the Dedicafestival

It is with great honor we announce that this years Dedicafestival in Italy will be dedicated to our talented author Björn Larsson.

The festival takes place once a year for one week and is focused on one particular authorship. Björn Larsson’s novel Long John Silver was published in Italy in 1998 and quickly became a bestseller. Since then, his authorship has been widely known and he has received several international awards for his novels.

The Dedicafestival will acknowledge this authorship through readings, interviews, cinema, theatre and music. Björn Larsson’s importance as an author is summarized with the following quote:

“His books, even when abandoned the novelistic form, are characterized by the compelling stories; the pace; the thirst for freedom and truth that animates its protagonists. His writing is sober, elegant and pleasant, it is characterized by an apparent, induced lightness that does not require reflection, and helps create that mysterious link between a writer and his readers.”

For more information, please following this link.

Ola Larsmo awarded Lagercrantzen 2017

Nordin Agency congratulates Ola Larsmo, who has been awarded Dagens Nyheter’s prestigious critics award Lagercrantzen for his novel Swede Hollow. The jury’s motivation:

“This year’s laureate is a popular educator who does not shy away from history’s darkest pages – he knows they must be exposed in order for us to understand the future. Undeterred, he uncovers how ideas and prejudice take place in language and culture. With an ever strong ethical tone he defends free speech and a solidarity with those who practice it.

Ola Larsmo is a critic who has become absolutely indispensable over time. Therefore, he is awarded Lagercrantzen 2017.”

Read Dagens Nyheter’s excellent interview with him here.

Swede Hollow was first published by Albert Bonniers Förlag 2016. It has been highly acclaimed by both critics and readers, depicting the struggles of a Swedish family and their compatriots arriving in America in the late 1800’s.

Nordin Agency welcomes Isabel Eriksson

We are thrilled to announce that Isabel Eriksson (pseud) has joined Nordin Agency!

Isabel Eriksson (pseud) has written a unique and harrowing account of being held captive: In the Clutches of the Bunker Doctor – the True Story Behind the Headlines (Lind & Co., January 2017). The case was reported all over the world and her kidnapper has been compared to both Josef Fritzl and the Cleveland-abductor Ariel Castro, as well as the chilling events in Emma Donoghue’s novel Room. Welcome to read an unforgettable story about an advanced kidnapping drama as dramatic as in a movie, and a young woman’s unbelievable courage.


Booklist Online names Simona Ahrnstedt’s “All in” US no. 1 Romance Debut 2016!

Booklist Online has listed the Top 10 Romance Debuts of 2016 in the US. Who’s number one on the list? You guessed it, Sweden’s Queen of Romance: Simona Ahrnstedt!

“Swedish writer Ahrnstedt’s American debut pits a venture capitalist with an eye on a venerated, family-owned business against Natalie, a member of that clan, in a delectable glitz-and-glam mix of high-finance intrigue and steamy romance.”

Jessica Scheifauer’s Pojkarna shortlisted for The Guldbagge Awards 2017

Nordin Agency are very proud to announce that the movie adaptation of Jessica Sheifauer’s Pojkarna (Girls Lost) has been shortlisted for The Guldbagge Awards 2017 in two categories: Best Female Actress and Best Director!

The Guldbagge Awards are Sweden’s leading film awards and have been presented since 1964 for outstanding contributions to Swedish film over the past year. In total around 450 Guldbagge Awards have been handed out over the years, and 19 Guldbagge Awards are now presented annually in the various categories.

For further reading and the rest of the nominees, follow the link below: