Carina Bergfeldt nominated for the Grand Speaker Award 2019

We are happy to announce that Carina Bergfeldt has been nominated for the Grand Speaker Award 2019. She is nominated for her capacity to describe difficult things in an accessible way and for engaging the listener with reports, marked by high topicality and professionalism. Carina contributes in an extraordinary manner to spreading knowledge about our time and is a counterbalance to the contemporary phenomenon of fake news.

Carina Bergfeldt

The winner will be announced during a ceremony in November 2019. You can read more about the award and the nominees here.

Carina Bergfeldt is one of this summer’s hosts of ‘Summer Talk’

Carina Bergfeldt is an author and a journalist and currently works as a correspondent for SVT covering the US. She also just released a short documentary on how she found out that she had a brother her family did not know about. Her talk will air on P1 (Swedish Radio and podcast) on July 9th.

This is what Carina herself says about her talk:
– My talk will travel all the way from Österäng to Ku Klux Klans yearly conference in the forests of Arkansas. I talk about what the places have in common and why I constantly seek the darkness.

Click here to read more about Carinas talk and all the other hosts this summer.

Photo: Mattias Ahlm / Sveriges Radio

Carina Bergfeldt in Swedish audio deal

We are happy to announce that Tiden/Norstedts will publish two audiobook series by Carina Bergfeldt: A Week With KKK and Seven Days to Live. Stay tuned for more updates.

Carina Bergfeldt

Chinese rights sold for Carina Bergfeldt’s Seven Days to Live

We’re happy to announce that the Chinese rights to Seven Days to Live by Carina Bergfeldt have been acquired by Shandong Savanna Culture Communications, who will publish the book in simplified Chinese.

Sju dagar kvar att leva - Carina Bergfeldt