A new project from author and journalist Carina Bergfeldt

Don’t miss as author and journalist Carina Bergfeldt​ tells Resumé Magazine about her upcoming book Seven Days to Live and how it came about. The project is developed from a series of articles that Carina wrote for Aftonbladet in 2013. With 2.2 million readers, the series turned out to be the Swedish news papers biggest success to date and a story that Carina just had develop further. So look out Swedish readers because on May 6 this gripping story will be in book stores near you.

Conversation between Vaughn Ross and Carina Bergfeldt, Photo: Aftonbladet

Conversation between Vaughn Ross and Carina Bergfeldt, Photo: Aftonbladet


Therese Bohman Receives Double Prize Nominations for ”The Other Woman”

Yesterday it was revealed that ”THE OTHER WOMAN” is one of the shortlisted titles for the Nordic Council Literature Prize. This is the second award nomination as the book has previously been shortlisted for the Swedish Radio’s Literature Prize.

”THE OTHER WOMAN” describes the forbidden passion between a young woman and a married middle-aged man against a small-town backdrop. Therese Bohman skillfully portrays boredom and intellectual alienation from the viewpoint of her young female narrator: a university drop-out who works in the canteen of the local hospital and who finds excitement and purpose through her burgeoning affair with the married physician Carl Malmberg. Just like in her debut, Therese Bohman’s tone is very intimate and sincere, which is also enhanced by her protagonist’s sharp observations and reflections.

“The Other Woman” is a powerful, urgent, continuously alarming novel that highlights vital issues about the context of existence, that touches and raises questions about the fundamental and crucial meanings that most of us want to find in our lives.
Crister Enander, Helsingborgs Dagblad

“The Other Woman” can be read as an enthralling love story but underneath lies an original and profound discussion about the terms and conditions of the serious game in a society that comes across as completely contemporary and present.
Christian Swalander, Borås Tidning

Therese Bohman’s thoughts on class and femininity will most probably cause a stir. No matter how one interprets this, “Den andra kvinnan” is still a both well-written and well-narrated novel. The main protagonist’s combination of ocassionally irksome elitism and fathomless vulnerability becomes, in Bohman’s hands, both genuine and plausible.
Paulina Helgeson, Svenska Dagbladet