Camilla Läckberg Number ONE

The Queen of Crime, Camilla Läckberg‘s latest title THE LION TAMER is number ONE at today’s Adlibris top chart. Congratulations, Camilla!

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Simona Ahrnstedt is one of the best romance novelists in Germany

More happy news for Nordin Agency’s author Simona Ahrnstedt and her novel Die Erbin who came in as the bronze medalist in‘s reader’s choice award Die Leserpreis. The book, published by Egmont Lyx Verlag in October this year, was chosen from hundreds of others in the category for best romance and Simona is the only non-english speaking author in the top five. Quite a feat of strength for our Queen of Romance.

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Jessica Schiefauer won THE AUGUST PRIZE!

We are glad to announce that Jessica Schiefauer won The August Prize with her latest title THE EYES OF THE LAKE (NÄR HUNDARNA KOMMER) yesterday. The August Prize is one of the most prestigious literary Prizes in Sweden and this is her second time to receive the Prize. Congratulations, Jessica!

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Queen of suspense Viveca Sten is a triple threat this fall!

Last Wednesday saw the release of In Truth, Viveca Sten’s eighth crime novel in the internationally popular Sandhamn Murder Series. The book shot straight to number one and is currently one of the best selling novels in Sweden in three different formats.

Meanwhile the fifth season of the acclaimed series based on Viveca’s novels will run as a three parter on TV. To top it all off the author can be seen competing in Sweden’s most popular celebrity game show “På Spåret” at the end of the year.

The new novel takes place a week before Swedish midsummer. After being badly bullied a young child goes missing from sailing camp on a neighboring island to Sandhamn.

I wanted to explore every parents nightmare in this book. Sending your child away to camp believing that they’re in a safe environment and then finding out the opposite is true. That’s the worst thing imaginable, says Viveca Sten

There are eight novels in the Sandhamn Murder series now. Together they’ve sold more than 3 million copies and are published in over 25 countries the world over. This makes Viveca Sten one of Sweden’s most successful crime writers to date. The TV series based on her novel has over 35 million viewers all over the globe and success continues. Seeing the publication of her first novel in the US and UK was a smash. Viveca and Still Waters swiftly climbed to number one of the charts in both countries.

It seems like the readers really to Still Waters to heart, says Viveca Sten.

And of course they did. The Sandhamn Murder series are clever, suspenseful and filled with great characters that quickly become addictive. In Truth is no exception and it would be fair to say that this could actually be one of her best books yet.


We are very excited to announce that Mårten Sandén was awarded The Astrid Lindgren Prize today for a meritorious authorship within the realm of Swedish literature for children & Young Adults.

Motivation is as follows:

For a comprehensive, rich and significant authorship within magical realism and suspense as well as everyday vulnerability, firmly anchored with young readers of all ages.

The prize was instituted by Rabén & Sjögren in 1967 to mark Astrid Lindgren’s 60th birthday. Since then, the prize has been awarded annually on 14th November.

Rabén & Sjögren’s website on Mårten Sandén receiving the Astrid Lindgren Prize (in Swedish)
Nordin Agency: Mårten Sandén

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Photo: Magnus Liam Karlsson

ALL IN shortlisted for Best German Romance Novel of 2015

Nordin Agency is thrilled to announce that All In by Scandinavia’s very own queen of romance, Simona Ahrnstedt, has been shortlisted for’s ”Leserpreis” (reader’s choice award) in the category of Best Romance Novel.

Die Erbin, as the book is called in German, is a suspenseful and steamy novel set in the fast-paced Stockholm Finance world where venture capitalist David Hammer and corporate banker Natalia De La Grip’s paths irreversibly cross. The book was released in German on October 1st this year, by Egmont Lyx, and has already been reprinted three times in less than two months. Votes can still be submitted until November 24th if you go to The Gold, Silver and Bronze winners will be announced on Thursday the 26th of November

Der Leserpreis has been awarded six times already and is the biggest reader’s choice award in the German-speaking region. So to have a Swede competing for the title is a great honor.

Good luck Simona and Die Erbin!

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Welcome to Nordin Agency, Amanda Hellberg!

It is our pleasure to welcome Amanda Hellberg to the agency. She lives in Oxford with her husband and children and she writes award-winning suspense novels with supernatural elements.

She also writes and illustrates picture books and YA novels. Her picture books have been published in England and she illustrates for children magazines.


Nordin Agency: Amanda Hellberg

Amanda Hellberg

Amanda Hellberg


Sweden’s coolest policewoman is back!

Anna Karolina Larsson debuted last year with Stolen Baboon a female take on the slick, modern gangster thriller and ”one of the most interesting debuts in the genre”. This suspenseful, literary and above all completely new crime novel was also nominated for the Crimetime Specsavers Debut Award 2015.

Now Anna Karolina Larsson is back with a second novel about her main character, the headstrong, independent and very likable Amanda Paller.

No More Fish in the Sea is a sequel that surprises with its spectacular theme and the way the plot is built around the main characters.

Three years later Amanda is now the mother of twins!

When several cannibalistic murders take place in Stockholm Amanda is put on the case. At each crime scene there is a different murderer, a murderer under the influence of the dreaded cannibal drug. Amanda is convinced the murderers are victims, forced or tricked into taking the drug.
Who is behind the druggings that makes people kill loved family members?

After several years abroad return Adnan to Sweden to clear his name and make up with the past.
The inevitable happens and Amanda and Adnan meet and realize they are connected to the case in more than one way.

Like the debut No More Fish in the Sea is a plot-driven thriller set in the borderland between right and wrong and an austere and fast-paced style characterizes the novel.

The series about Sweden’s coolest police woman cranks up the pace
Leif GW Persson has written about police work in an authentic way and Jens Lapidus has portrayed the career criminals from an insider’s perspective without moralizing. Anna Karolina combines these, cranks up the pace and gives us Sweden’s coolest police woman.
Qwintessa, Valbloggen

It’s hard to find a more action-packed and thrilling book than this one
The plot is complex and gruesome. And terribly exciting in addition. Anna Karolina skilfully connects the different parts of the plot and maintains the pace throughout the book. Her description of the underworld is Lapidus-esque, and gives a good account of the stuff that happens where most of us have never ventured.
Nisse Scherman, DAST

I read without stopping and marvel at the particularly vivid, realistic characters.
What really sets it apart, however, is the sensuality. Never before have I read a Swedish novel that is so concerned with bodies, both at the gym and in bed, and that at the same time manages to describe everything so authentically and eloquently. This is the explanation for my very own ”ok, just one more chapter”.
Magnus Sjöholm, NT

Just like the debut, “No More Fish In the Sea” is an exceptionally well-written and profound crime novel, a worthy sequel to “Stolen Baboon”, and a book that confirms that Anna Karolina is a Swedish crime writer to look out for.
Kerstin Bergman, Crime Garden

After several years with the Stockholm Police department, officer Anna Karolina Larsson decided to use her inside knowledge of Stockholm’s criminal world and write a novel. She enrolled at the Writers’ Academy at Lund University and it soon became obvious that she has great talent.

Not only does she skilfully use her knowledge from her work to describe the police procedures and the criminal world with great authenticity, she also portrays the ties between the characters, the weight of betrayal and expectations and disappointment with seldom seen credibility.

Nordin Agency is proud to welcome Camilla Sten to the agency!

Today Nordin Agency is delighted to be able welcome new author Camilla Sten to the agency.
Camilla is a psychology student and self-proclaimed feminist who debuts in January next year with the political thriller A New Dawn.
The novel is a unique and suspenseful insight into a nearby future that might be looming closer than we dare to think.

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Big US cover reveal for Simona Ahrnstedt’s novel ALL IN

Today is the day of the big US cover reveal for Simona Ahrnstedt‘s first contemporary romance novel All In.

The book is set to be published by Kensington Books in June of 2016 but has already gotten a lot of buzz, due to the spectacular number of international rights sold and the author’s timely appearance at the RWA in New York this summer. But most of all this book has gotten so much attention because it is a spectacular read. The passion is hot and the plot suspenseful and through it all Simona Ahrnstedt masterfully manages to keep her characters modern and believable.

If you want to read more about it check out Kensington’s site at and USA Today’s

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