Hidden in Lies is the fourth book in Viveca Sten‘s popular Åre Murder Series here she gives us complex murder mysteries in the Swedish Alps. The book has been on the most awaited list on the streaming platforms before it’s publication.


During the last week in January, a group of six students travel by train to Åre for some skiing and a lot of partying. Then everything goes wrong and suddenly only five of them are left alive.

Is it an accident or cold blooded murder? The questions keep stacking up as tensions in the group rise. Friends are pitted against each other when no one can explain what happened that ill-fated night.

Hanna Ahlander and Daniel Lindskog, from the Åre police take on the case with mixed feelings. Daniel is newly separated and feels guilty towards his daughter. Hanna is on a luxury weekend with her new love interest and is torn between him and her feelings for Daniel.