Can you put Nazis on a stage, have them talk about their hatred, and expect the audience to applaud? Or is the question rather: If there are Nazis on the streets, shouldn’t they be portrayed on stage? Or be invited to public debates?

This is explored in the screen adaptation of Elisabeth Åsbrink‘s The Pressure Point. The TV series is directed by multi-award winning Sanna Lenken (Tunna blå linjen, Thunder in my heart), with a script by Pelle Rådström (Svart krabba, En mot en) and storyline by Wilhelm Behrman and Niklas Rockström (Innan vi dör, Kalifat). Smärtpunkten is produced by Art & Bob in co-production between SVT, Film i Väst, Film Stockholm and Kärnfilm. David Dencik plays Lars Norén, Isa Stenberg is played by Maria Sid and the roles of Carl Thunberg, Tony Olsson and Ola Svensson are played by Einar-Hugo Strömberg, Martin Nick Alexandersson and Linus Gustafsson.