On the 19th of April, JANA based on Emelie Schepp’s bestselling novel Marked for Life premiers on Prime Video in several countries across the world, and the gala premier in Sweden has lead to this fantastic review:

“Jana – Marked for Life” is a must-see for anyone who loves Swedish crime series and thrillers. This is partly due to the carefully established world, but also to the strength of a main character like Jana Berzelius.

It’s anything but a coincidence that Emelie Schepp’s books about Jana have been selling like hot cakes since she self-published the first book just over ten years ago. Schepp managed to identify something that was missing from the Swedish crime scene and filled the void with a female protagonist who dares to be brutal.

– Emil Oscar Rasmussen, Filmtoppen.se

The series is directed by Felix Herngren and Henrik Björn and stars Swedish actors Madeleine Martin, Johan Ulvaeus, Suzanne Reuter, Pernilla August and many more.