Meet an exciting addition to Nordin Agency: authors Johan and Johanna Hurtig Wagrell, who also happen to be married (to each other).

Johanna hosts Sweden’s largest true crime podcast, “Vad blir det för mord?/What’s for murder?”. She also hosts the comedy podcast “Kafferepet/Tea Time”. Johanna is a comedian, actress, and scriptwriter, and she has been involved in numerous TV productions such as SVT’s major stand up show, the humor show “Svenska nyheter/The Swedish News” and the comedy show “Parlamentet/The Parliament” (TV4).

Johan is a comedian, actor, and scriptwriter who also writes a blog on As a writer, he has worked for publications including Café Magazine, Aftonbladet, and Metro over the past 10 years. As an actor, he has appeared in shows like “Sommaren med släkten/Summer with relatives” and “Helt perfekt/Just Perfect (Discovery)”, and as a scriptwriter, he has written for the comedy series “Nu kommer Malin/Here Comes Malin” (TV3).

Hurtig Wagrell is making their big debut with the suspense novel FRONT at Bokfabriken in spring 2024.

“In 1995, 16-year-old Gabriella “Gabby” Sorani disappears without a trace in Kalmar. Twenty-five years later, the case remains unsolved.

In Stockholm, TV producer Sanna Lundgren is in crisis after a participant in the reality show she is working on commits suicide during a live broadcast.

The only way for Sanna to salvage her career is to return to her hometown and make a documentary about the Gabby case. However, this also means confronting demons from her past, as she and Gabby attended the same school.

Simultaneously, Police Inspector Elizabeth Hallman is about to leave Kalmar for a fresh start in Stockholm. But as she becomes increasingly more involved in the investigation she has tried to distance herself from, it’s easier said than done.”

FRONT is a crime story like you’ve never seen before. A thrilling, innovative, and multi-layered dark suspense novel. It is the first book in a new suspense series by debut authors Hurtig Wagrell.