The chapters are short and change focus quickly between different characters and events which allow the reader to never lose interest in this page turner, where Engman weaves realism and fiction together in a highly dramatic, fast paced and well plotted story about absolutely ruthless people and their desire for money and power.

– BTJ 

The sport and gaming  industry is exploding, but beyond the online betting there is an underground market where the large transactions take place through match fixing, violence and corruption.

A footballer’s wife murdered in the upperclass area of Lidingö. A suburban boy with a future as a star athlete. An outcast middle grade teacher who dreams of being seen for who she is. In the latest installment of the Vanessa Frank series these stories are weaved together in a thrilling drama and an impossible equation. Detective Vanessa Frank has to figure out the unknown variable X before it is too late.

X is a thrilling journey through the network of the criminal world. The sporting industry is one of the most transactional markets of our times and a footballer can make billions today.
With massive amounts of research as his backdrop, Engman has created a fictional thriller about the merciless game behind the games. With its multifaceted characters, X is a profound suspense novel about a person’s strongest driving forces.