We are so very thrilled to share the wonderful news that two out of the five authors/author duos nominated for “Crimetime Debut of the Year” are Nordin Agency authors. Mohlin & Nyström with The Bucket List and Lina Areklew with Beneath the Surface are amongst the nominees!

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The motivation for Mohlin & Nyström goes as follow:
“This crime debut pulls off being an international thriller, small town puzzle crime and a psychological suspense all in one. With a fast pace and an extremely high drive a fascinating story is told that takes us all the way from the US to Karlstad.
It’s about loyalty, identity, class and expectations we sometimes fail to meet. With this mature and well-written debut, with effective and solid character depictions we think we are seeing the start of a great and successful authorship.”

About Lina Areklew the jury says the following:
“A stable and well-written crime debut where the present is weaved together with the past in a page turner style. The dramaturgi impresses, so does the drive and exploration of memory, sorrow and survival. We are especially drawn to the beautiful surroundings and appreciate that The High Coast so vibrantly and enticingly is put on the Swedish crime map. The author also shows great sensitivity to the human traumas and the consequences, which makes the two main characters come alive and be realistic. We look forward to following Fredrik Fröding and Sofia Hjortén in several more books.”