By Lina Areklew

As a young boy, Fredrik Fröding survived one of Europe’s worst ferry disasters – M/S Estonia in 1994. The sunken ship takes both his parents down in the sea. His brother Niklas is washed aboard from the rescue raft while Fredrik holds his hand, and to this day he refuses to give up hope that his brother survived.

Twenty-five years later Fredrik sees his brother outside a hotel in Stockholm, together with the owner Adam Ceder. In a search to find Niklas, Fredrik follows Ceder to the island Ulvön to confront him, but before he has time to do so Ceder is found brutally murdered. Surprisingly, the investigation is lead by a person from Fredrik’s past, police officer Sofia Hjortén. Sofia moved back to her family home on the island after a quick rise within the Stockholm police, to heal from a tragedy that still haunts her. She is determined to start a new life and when Fredrik becomes a suspect for the Ceder murder she is the only one who believes his innocence.


First published by Bazar Publishing, 2020.


Estonia, Pegasus
Finland, Tammi
Germany, Goldmann
Hungary, Europa Publisher
Norway, Strawberry
Romania, Editura Rao


“There’s no doubt what spring of 2020 will be remembered for, but apart from the pandemic it’s also a really powerful time for debut authors in Swedish suspense literature. I just had the pleasure of reading an advance copy of Beneath the Surface by Lina Areklew which is definitely a gem. [..] Areklew builds a fantastic story, truly well written and thrilling with many unexpected twists and turns. All through we have incredibly skilled character portrayals, impressive setting depictions, mainly from the High Coast, and a thought-through storytelling where different perspectives in different times build strong suspense for the page-turning reader, towards a dramatic resolution with a great twist at the end. I’m convinced that this book will be a bestseller and I’m already looking forward to meeting Sofia and Fredrik again!”

Areklew’s character gallery feels real. She also builds the tension skillfully with in many different moments, sidetracks and chronological shifts all the way to the dramatic reveal of the killer. A plus for the humoristic finnish.
– Kerstin Rydén, BTJ-häftet nr 12, 2020.


Nominated for “Crimetime Debut of the Year 2020″