Italian rights sold for Vera by Anne Swärd

We’re delighted to announce that Rizzoli Libri have acquired the Italian rights to Anne Swärd‘s beautiful novel Vera.

Omslag SV Vera

Anne Swärd’s Estonian deal for Vera

We’re delighted to announce that Varrak Publishers have acquired the Estonian rights to Anne Swärd‘s beautiful novel Vera.

Omslag SV Vera

German audiobook deal for Mons Kallentoft’s LEON

Following successful publication of Mons Kallentoft‘s ZACK in audio in Germany, we’re delighted to announce that Audio Media Verlag have acquired rights to LEON, the second book in the series to be published simultaneously with Klett Cotta’s German print edition, expected 2018.


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Viveca Sten’s short stories collection is now in stores

Gellert Tamas’s The Laser Man in Czech deal

We’re delighted to announce that Czech rights to The Laser Man – A Story About Sweden by Gellert Tamas have been sold to Absynt.



Happy Food sold to Denmark

We’re delighted to announce that Danish rights to Happy Food by Niklas Ekstedt and Henrik Ennart have been sold to Politikens.


Simona Ahrnstedt new stand alone novel available in stores

Viveca Sten’s short stories sold to Germany

Ice Cold Moments, Viveca Sten‘s forthcoming collection of short stories, will be published by Kiepenheuer & Witsch in Germany.

Iskalla ögonblick - omslag

New project from Camilla Sten

Norstedts in Sweden have just agreed a book deal with the wonderful Camilla Sten. More details will follow.

Camilla Sten 3