By Camilla Läckberg

La Princesse Des Glaces is The Ice Princess as a graphic novel.

After the sudden death of her parents, author Erica Falck re- turns to her childhood home in the small west coast community of Fjällbacka.

When Alex Wijkner, one of Erica’s childhood friends, is found murdered, she is drawn into a web of deception, lies and hidden secrets. Something that happened 25 years earlier still casts its ugly shadow over Alex and the people around her.

At first reluctantly, but then with ever growing curiosity, Erica decides to find out who is willing to take such dramatic measures in order to prevent old truths from coming out.

At the same time time she has to deal with personal problems, a budding romance and the feeling that, at the age of 35, she doesn’t really know what she wants to do with her life …

First published by Editions Casterman, Belgium, 2014.
Full-colour, 126 pages

France, Casterman
Belguim, Casterman
Italy, Lizard
The Netherlands, Casterman
Spain, Maeva