Police inspector Patrik Hedström has just returned to work after a lengthy sick leave. He has tried to have a good rest, while also looking after his wife Erica and their prematurely born twins.

He barely has time to step inside the office before he is thrown into a new investigation. A man has been found murdered in his flat, shot through the back of his head.

The victim is Mats Sverin, the local council’s financial director, a thoroughly friendly and well-liked person. Nobody has a bad word to say about him.

Together with his colleagues, Patrik begins to map out Mats’s entire life, which contains more secrets than anyone could ever have suspected. Why was he in such a rush to leave Gothenburg to return to his home town of Fjällbacka? What part did he play in the project involving the old bath hotel being transformed into a spa? And is it pure coincidence that Mats’s childhood sweetheart Annie has also returned? They have not been in touch for several years, but now she and her son are living on the island of Gråskär outside of Fjällbacka – a place where her family has resided for generations.

Even Gråskär has its share of secrets and is a place that has always been surrounded by sinister rumours. They say that the island is haunted by the dead and that they have something to tell the living…


First published by Forum, Sweden, 2009.
358 pages.


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Sweden, Tre Vänner


…after just a few chapters I’m hooked… The creeping suspense makes me think of Johan Theorin or maybe even John Ajvide Lindqvist.
Södermanlands Nyheter

…a captivating crime novel… “Fyrvaktaren” is Camilla’s best book yet…
Dagens Nyheter