By Johanne Hildebrandt

TV presenter and journalist Sara got the revenge of her life with her report from war-torn Iraq in Älskade krig (Beloved War). Suddenly life was for real – in the war she witnessed atrocities and injustice, but also beauty and love. Sara realised that there was no point of return and a new career took off as she had it confirmed to her that she was good at showing what is important.

Sara’s best friend Veronica is still part of the Stockholm media set and when she produces a TV charity gala for Africa, Sara is commissioned to travel to Tchad to make a documentary which is to be included in the broadcast. But when Sara arrives on location and visits the vast refugee camps, she discovers that aid funds are being embezzled and that the whole system is corrupt.

All her illusions about money making its way to its rightful place, are brutally shattered and she feels sickened by the broadcasts she has been told to do. When Sara tries to tell Veronica about what really goes on in Africa, she refuses to believe her, and their friendship is put to the test. Also Greg, the bodyguard whom Sara met in Iraq, is in Africa. Now he is involved in diamond smuggling from Congo to Europe via Tchad.

We are also introduced to a boy who has been banished from his village in Darfur and who has walked all the way to the refugee camps in Tchad.

Förbannade fred (Damned Peace) is a story of friendship, corruption and the struggle to make people aware of what really goes on in the world.

First published by Natur & Kultur, Sweden, 2009

222 pages

Good literature engages. “Damned Peace” is a book that reeks of engagement.
Malou von Sivers, www.boktipset.se

Hildebrandt’s novel about Darfur deserves respect. Johanne Hildebrandt is a brave war correspondent.
Magnus Eriksson, Svenska Dagbladet

“Damned Peace” was damned good. It’s impossible to put it down.
Kristina Simar, reviewer

Sweden, Natur och Kultur