By Johanne Hildebrandt & J.F. Sand

“MUA 214 did not exist. Someone had broken into the military intelligence’s secure computer system and created a fake ID number to approve Anna Löwensköld’s security clearance. But who, and why?”

When Alice Rosengren at the Security Office’s counterintelligence unit uncovers a suspected Russian infiltrator, she suddenly finds herself opposed. Someone exposes her identity and soon she is subjected to a brutal influence campaign aimed at breaking down both her persona and her credibility. In the struggle that follows, the safety of both the nation and Alice’s own family are at stake. The question is not when Russia will infiltrate, the question is how much damage they have already caused.

An astonishing and claustrophobic thriller, based on a real case within the Swedish secret service.

Published by Forum, 2022-05-25

Sweden, Forum

”It’s a nerve-wracking thriller […] An exciting story about a brave woman’s struggle.” (rating 4)

”A highly current thriller that opens the door to a secret world […] A new thriller about Russian spies, murder and influence measures on Swedish land? Just-in-time might be the phrase you are looking for. But what really makes Johanne Hildebrandt’s and the pseudonym J.F. Sand’s story appealing, is that it’s based on real events where an agent in the Swedish secret service opens a door to a world that not many people get to see.”
– Dagens Industri

”The book is suspenseful, the characters well and carefully described.”
– Mariestads-Tidningen