By Johanne Hildebrandt

Sara, a well-known TV presenter, is fired from her job when her secret love affair with a leading politician is revealed. The scandal makes her friends and colleagues turn away from her and her whole world comes tumbling in. Penniless and vengeful, she is forced to travel to Iraq in order to restore her reputation, and also to find a man that she hates. It is a mission that will have larger consequences than she could ever have imagined…

Magnus – the son of a top business executive – has disowned his family and is in Iraq to fight alongside the American troops. Disillusioned and exhausted after months of battle, he is forced to confront what he fears the most – his past.

Jasmin – the daughter of a cobbler who was killed during a bomb raid – has been forced to take a highly dangerous job in order to support her family in Baghdad. When she is uncovered she is faced with a terrifying choice – to save her family or to betray her friends.

First published by Natur & Kultur, Sweden, 2007
281 pages

Sweden, Natur och Kultur