From the magical minds of Camilla and Viveca Sten comes the spooky and bone-chilling tween thriller Child of the Skerries (Djupgraven).

I can’t help throwing a desperate look over my shoulder when I see something following the boat. A pale whisper in the water, a cold stream under the surface, traveling much fast than me.
It will not let me get away..

This is the first story, of three, about twelve-year-old Tuva who lives in the Stockholm archipelago amidst the islands and the skerries. She doesn’t have a lot in common with her classmates and keeps to her self most of the time, but has always felt at home in the archipelago. Tuva knows its every nook and cranny, like the back of her hand. This particular autumn though, something has changed. People are disappearing without a trace, dark shadows undulate beneath the waves and supernatural creatures can be spotted through the trees.

Old sailors superstitions meets supernatural elements from Norse mythology, in this perfect page-tuner. So let Tuva takes you on a poignant and suspenseful journey straight into the archipelago where the fog lies thick over the ocean.