Hidden In Memories is the third book in Viveca Sten‘s Åre Murder-series, where she weaves together the magnificent nature with strong characters in murder mysteries that completely spellbinds the reader.

This time we get to meet Hanna  Ahlander and Daniel Lindskog just as Easter is starting, one of the weeks where the tourists are swarming the ski slopes, the hotels are packed and everyone is looking forward to spending some time away from the business of everyday life…And someone gets brutally murdered in a hotel suite at the Copperhill Mountain Lodge and as panic spreads amongst the guests and residents in Åre Hanna and Daniel takes on the case. As the investigation deepens, it turns out that the victim has ties to a famous mountain hotel in Storlien that lost its former glory many years ago.

On the personal side, Daniel has started going to therapy to deal with the anger that complicates his relationships, Hanna desperately tries to handle her emotions. Together, they enter into a winding investigation involving broken relationships, difficult conflicts and painful childhood memories.