Victor Pavic Lundberg was born in 1987 and grew up in the town Mariestad, located
in the western part of Sweden. Today he is married and lives in Stockholm.

Already as a 16 year old, he started working as a reporter at the Mariestad newspaper
and since 2008 he’s been working at Aftonbladet, one of Sweden’s largest newspapers, in a number of different roles such as an editor and TV producer. He has worked on the biggest news events of the last decade and has closely followed a media industry in great change.

Victor Pavic Lundberg

In Aftermath, his debut book which is published by Albert Bonnier, Victor Pavic Lundberg intends to shine a light on the type of big news that made him want to become a journalist, and explore the difficulties of questioning a predetermined truth – however strange it may be. He also questions why there is a great need to rally around an ordinary person after a tragedy, why both people as well as the media have a need to make one person symbolize an entire tragedy.

Aftermath is the first book in a planned trilogy about journalists Loa Bergman and Danijela Mirkovic, a very likeable and refreshing male/female duo, different from the usual suspense partnerships we are familiar with, and easy to identify with.

Victor Pavic Lundbergs debut is brilliant. Aftermath is a well written suspense novel with beautifully captured characters and a unique plot. The result is a true pageturner.