den som överlever


By Victor Pavic Lundberg

News reporter Loa Bergman returns to the paper after a long sick leave, healing from a traumatic event that still haunts him to this day. His boss tries to be understanding, giving him easy assignments, and he no longer wants to partner up with his former best friend Danijela Mirkovic. He cannot forgive her for the things she did during the fatal day that forever changed his life.

Loa starts digging into an old event, a plane crash that became a national catastrophe, to try to find a newsworthy angle on its twentieth year anniversary. An event that even back then raised many questions, but also hailed civilians as national heroes. As he looks for clues for his article he stumbles across a trail that is closer to his own fate than he first wants to admit.

Simultaneously, Danijela Mirkovic refuses to let go of their partnership and conducts her own investigation where she finds strange ambiguities. Soon they are not only forced to work together again, but find themselves drawn into a life-threatening spiral in search of a truth that some people don’t want to finally come out.

Aftermath is a thrilling suspense novel about how greed, morality and coincidence governs our lives and destinies. It’s a page turning read about the powers of media and the driving forces behind peoples’ need to find hope and rally around something or someone when a national tragedy happens.

To be published by Albert Bonniers Förlag, Sweden, March 2022

Brazil, Trama/Ediouro Publicações
Czech Republic, Host
Denmark, Modtryk
Iceland, MTH Publishing
Sweden, Albert Bonniers Förlag

Best Crime Debut 2022, Crimetime Awards