Sara Blædels 12th book in her wildly popular series about Louise Rick is released in Denmark, published by Politiken Forlag.

SARA BLÆDEL IS back with the latest novel in the hugely successful Louise Rick series, once again keeping readers on the edge of their seats with a nail biting crime set in the diverse landscape of Denmark’s islands.

AN ELDERLY MAN is found dead on the small island of Aarø near Haderslev. At first it appears as if he had an unlucky fall and drowned at the edge of the sea. But very soon the mysterious circumstances make it clear that the local police need the assistance of Louise Rick and her new travelling unit, P13.

JOURNALIST CAMILLA LIND has moved away from her husband, Frederik. While she is unpacking in her new apartment she receives a visit by the police who tell her that her mother is dead. She rushes with her son Markus to her mother’s house in Skanderborg. When she goes through her mother’s belongings, she suddenly realises that her family is not quite what she has thought all her life.

LOUISE’S INVESTIGATION DRAWS threads to Skanderborg, and before long Camilla, who is shocked and in grief, is personally involved in uncovering the case – which may go deeper than first thought and may be connected to Camilla’s family secrets.

ELIN’S DEATH IS a story of failure and forgiveness. About guilt and responsibility. And about how much you will do to hold on to what you have, thereby losing it all…