Sara Gordan‘s The Night has been nominated for SvD’s Literature Prize 2022. This is Sara’s first book in nine years and it has been praised by readers and critics alike.

“Yes, Gordan has written a touching novel that is foremost about the hardest challenge of love: to let go. Because eventually, that is what we have to do. Without freedom there is no love. Love can never be forced, it has to be a choice made in absolute freedom. To be able to express and give love the right way, we have to learn to let go of control. It is easier said than done. In some ways, your whole life is a practice of that art. Gordan depicts this with an sincerity that goes straight to your heart. It is a novel that everyone who ever felt the almost excruciating heat of love run through their chest will be able to identify with.”

– SvD

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