Susanna Alakoski has been appointed member of honor and ambassador in The International Women’s Organization in Malmö.

Susanna Alakoski made her debut as author in 2006 with the novel Beyond (Svinalängorna), which was awarded with the August Prize and turned into both a movie and a play. She has a degree of Bachelor of Science in Social Work and was appointed honorary doctor at the faculty for health and society at Malmö University in 2015. Susanna’s latest book, Cotton Angel, is the first book in an epic quartet and family saga.

Susanna Alakoski says: “As an author I have never stopped immigrating. When Kockums Malmö stopped its production in the 70s The International Women’s Organization in Malmö continued to build bridges and boats. Educating and teaching. Creating new roads. A work that today is marked by global thinking and international exchange. Proudly I continue carry this baton of women history. Culture is the bridge I want to continue to build.”