By Susanna Alakoski

Cotton Angel, tells the story of Hilda, who as a young framer’s daughter gets thrown out by her family for getting pregnant out of wedlock.
Hilda has to work hard as a maid on another fram, not far from where she grew up. The cotton becomes the way out, simultaneously a blessing and a new shackle.
Cotton Angel is a powerful novel about the exposure girls endure, female friendship and the constant thirst for knowledge, a story about how the time that we live in can determine our lives far more than the choices we are able to make.


First published by Natur & Kultur fall of 2019


Sweden, Natur och Kultur


A literary masterpiece […] Perkele, what a fantastic novel Susanna Alakoski has written!
T T T T T – Tara

A poetic and very strong reading experience about struggle, women’s lives and Finland’s most violent history.
M M M M – M-magasin

Susanna Alakoski’s new literary project is as instantaneously tempting as it is ambitious. […] Alakoski takes a double grip, around the great story and the little life there within […] The take-off is wider than ever before, but Alakoski writes about her recognizable topics in her simple and concrete prose that she is known for. And it is as appealing as always. The literary feast has just begun.
Vi läser

Susanna Alakoski writes about love, desire and joy, and not only about exploitation and poor working conditions. Above all, she gives respect to those people that history books have left without name. Hilda is quietly portrayed in an exquisite way. […] Alakoski manages to introduce world political and economic events, that affect the worker’s, Hilda’s, life, in a natural way. All this put together makes me extremely expectant for the continuation of The Cotton Quartet. I didn’t have the slightest idea of how much I wanted to read about Hilda and her descendents. […] Susanna Alakoski has devoted her authorship to give a voice to the silent (and silenced).