Experienced authors Sara Blædel and Mads Peder Nordbo publish crime fiction together.

The new Liam and Dea-series starts with Dissolved, to be released on June 16th in Denmark.

Two of Denmark’s most read authors collaborate to pen a joint crime story just in time for the summer reading to be planned: Sara Blædel and Mads Peder Nordbo have together found the joy of writing and enthusiasm for their common genre: crime.

Blædel & Nordbo (Photo: Les Kaner)

As Denmark’s best-selling female author, Sara Blædel has been asked many times by both Danish and international colleagues if she would like to write in a partnership:

“Every time I have been completely clear in my answer: No thank you,” says Sara Blædel. “But then Mads came up with a proposal for a story that I could not really escape, so after a long flight to Thailand, where I had time to think and plot further in my head, I felt like I had to throw myself into that.”

Mads Peder Nordbo says:
“When I got the idea for the basic plot, it was so scary that I almost frightened myself. But I feared, just as much, that I myself could not convey it further. I had just been to an event with Sara Blædel, and then I thought ‘She has what I need’. So I worked up the courage to ask, and luckily she said yes. ”

During their collaboration, it has become even more clear that they think alike in relation to books and a great crime story. “Our story has evolved a lot along the way, as it always happens when you get into it, and the characters come to life and go their own ways,” they agree. “We actually do not think there is one line in ‘Dissolved’ that we have not both been across. It has been hard work for almost 1½ years, but we both love the genre, and now we are looking forward to our crime story coming out to the readers. ”